Fill out the LEEP application form
If you have taken a business loan between $8,000 and $60,000 in the past year (starting December 1,2018 onwards) from a financial institution, check if you’re eligible for the LEEP support and review LEEP’s Terms and Conditions, then fill out the application form available here to be nominated for the grant. You will be contacted by the LEEP team to know if you’ve been selected.
Implement your business plan and hire new employees
Implement your business plan with the help of the LEEP Essential Business Advisory service. Grow your team and hire new employees to help your business succeed.



Submit receipts and get the LEEP essential grant
Purchase the goods or services approved in your LEEP Grant Agreement and submit the receipts to the LEEP team. Within 30 working days, you will be reimbursed with the LEEP Essential Grant based on the verified receipts.


Sustain job(s) and be rewarded with the employment grant
Hire a new employee and you will be eligible for an additional LEEP Employment Grant. The new jobs need to abide by LEEP’s job creation criteria. LEEP Team will validate the newly created jobs (depending on the loan amount) and you will be rewarded with the employment grant.