• Lebanese entrepreneur
  • Business loan between $8,000 and $75,000
  • Business is implementing a new growth or improvement plan
  • Business will create 1 or more new jobs
  • Entrepreneur is open to receive business advisory services and cooperate transparently with the LEEP team and partners
  • Adherent to the “Guidelines for decent work” mentioned below


  1. LEEP Essential Grant
  • 20% grant provided to the grantee as a top-up to the loan and is required to be invested in the business
  • Is a reimbursement and is not provided to the grantee upfront
  • LEEP Grants can be disbursed only after receiving payment receipts and pricing validation based on the following segments (per item):
    • Petty cash: Items under $500 (No quotations)
    • Prudent Shopping: Items between $501 – $10,000 (3 quotations)
    • Large procurement: Items above $10,000 (3 Technical & Financial Quotations)
  • Cannot be used to finance working capital
  • LEEP Grants do not finance Luxury Products, Tobacco, Alcohol, Pesticides, Drugs not approved by WHO
  • LEEP Grants cannot be used to refinance previously existing loans or other forms of debt


  1. LEEP Employment Grant
  • Provided to grantees after hiring a new employee(s) and successfully completing a job verification 3 months after the new job(s) is created. These jobs need to abide by LEEP’s job creation criteria below
  • Can only be applied for new jobs that are filled by Lebanese workers, and exceptionally other nationalities upon LEEP approval


  1. LEEP grantees will receive compulsory one-on-one business advisory sessions over 2 to 3 months (10 advisory sessions)


  1. LEEP grantees will receive regular follow-up visits from the LEEP team and partners to conduct due diligence and evaluations


LEEP Jobs…

  • Are newly created and did not exist before enrolling in LEEP
  • Provide fair remuneration
  • Provide between 20 to 48 working hours per week
  • Employ Lebanese persons, unless otherwise confirmed by LEEP
  • Do not employ individuals directly related to the enterprise owner
  • Provide decent working conditions based on LEEP’s criteria
  • Are monitored and confirmed by LEEP through employee and enterprise surveys


Clear Contractual Obligations

Equal opportunity for all workers from all genders and for people with disabilities

 Reduce all risks the will affect the health safety of workers/employees

 No workers/employees under 18

 Workers/employees have channels to express their concerns

 Positive worker-management relationship

 Disbursement of remuneration according to agreement

Important to Remember: A good working environment is always profitable for the business owner and the country!