Your chances at becoming one of LEEP’s beneficiaries is high if you meet the requirements below:

Requirements for Loans: The business took a loan of $5,000 to $75,000 from any bank or financial institution starting December 1, 2018 onwards.

Requirements for Private Investments (self-financing and equity-financing): Investment made starting January 2020, supported by bank statement of account as proof of source of money.

Requirements for SMEs affected by the Beirut Blast: Have raised or are in the process of raising money for investment in repairs.

Requirements for all types of funding (loan, self-financing and equity-financing):

  • The business is Lebanese owned, with operations in Lebanon
  • The business has clear plans to hire new employees (at least 1 job within 3 months of Grant Agreement signature) or to sustain jobs for SMEs affected by the Beirut blast
  • The business loan or investment are used to implement a growth-oriented business plan (example: start a new product/service, expand to new markets, or improve business operations)
  • The business does not work in the alcohol and tobacco production and grant budget will not be spent on luxury items, tobacco, alcohol, drugs not on the WHO list or pesticides
  • The business is willing to receive business development services and fully cooperates with LEEP’s team
  • The business promotes decent work conditions and gender equality in the workplace

Review the LEEP terms and conditions